Small Group Fitness – Home of the $10 Bootcamp

SG Fitness located in the Western Suburbs of Chicago, Downers Grove, IL, wants to make getting a great workout in your life easy, convenient and affordable. SG Fitness has everything that can be done at outdoor bootcamps inside in a clean, safe and temperature controlled training facility.

If you don’t see a Bootcamp on the schedule that fits the time you’d like please don’t hesitate to call and request to see a Bootcamp at that time!

Gym Info

We are located in Downers Grove at the northwest corner of 75th and Fairview.

Gym Facilities

Our facility include tires, ropes, kettlebells, TRX, olympic rings, pull-up bars, plyo boxes, medicine balls, body bars, dumbbells, barbells, ultimate sandbags, slosh pipes, resistance bands, pull-up bars, suspension training system.

Bootcamp Classes

Our bootcamp classes will have between four to ten members each at any time. We want to make sure each member gets dedicated training and attention by our professional trainers.


Schedule and pay for your workout times ahead of time using our online calendar.


If you refer a friend to Small Group Fitness, then we’ll reward you with discounts on future workouts!

What people are saying about our Bootcamps and Small Group Personal Training Sessions on Google and Yelp:

“It is by far the best bootcamp I have been to. Tony is an outstanding trainer and I have learned more from him than any other trainer. I like the way he keeps the class small and is very through about teaching correct form. His bootcamp is also a deal of a lifetime! He does not require you sign a long-term contract and you have the flexibility of attending when you want to. Tony makes the class fun and each class is different.”

- Lori M.

“I used to dread the thought of going to exercise class but now actually look forward to my workout. I have found that attending the early morning class provides a jump start to my day both physically and mentally. My co-workers always know the mornings I’ve worked out with Tony!”

- Kathy V.

“…after I tried Small Group Fitness, it has completely changed my perception of working out. I get the necessary attention in the intimate environment and because each session is different, working out is much more exciting. I attend Tony’s session and he is by far the best trainer I’ve ever had.”

- Brone J.

“I have a 17 year old Varsity HS football player who gets injured frequently and am always looking for ways to get him help. I contacted Tony and we set up an appointment. The moment I met Tony I saw the way he is so in tune with the human body and really knew what he was doing. His knowledge is amazing and he worked wonders with my son.”

– Nancy P.

“I have never been this consistent with my exercising ever before and have never felt this good. Tony’s expertise blows me away – I’m a physician and his knowledge of anatomy, function and injury prevention is impressive. He constantly challenges me and the variety of the workout ensures that I’m never bored. It wasn’t until I experienced what a “real” workout was with Tony and saw the results, that I realized how much time and effort I had wasted before…”

– Lisa S.

“Coming to Small Group Fitness has become not only a part of my weekly routine, but also something I look forward to every single day. walking in 6 months ago I was a 5’8” 110lb College student looking for a way to gain strength, build muscle, and relieve stress all while balancing my busy schedule. Making that first step has been by far one of the best decisions I have ever made.”

– Gintare G.

“I feel energized, exhilarated, rejuvenated, revitalized and stronger than ever because I have the pleasure of having Tony of SG Fitness kick my butt at least 3 times a week. SG Fitness is not your typical gym, you won’t see any machines there.”

– Mary R.

“My top criteria in search has been something that can offer a robust functional training and a whole body workout. I have been doing some Kettle bell exercises for a while and was looking for something on the same lines.
I should admit the moment I came across SGF,I knew I struck GOLD.”

– Karthik K.

“The fitness industry and athletic world need more people like Tony from Small Group Fitness. His vast knowledge of nutrition and the body are incredible. As a semi professional athlete I have turned to this business many times for guidance and mentoring. Over the four years I have worked with Tony my life has dramatically changed.”

– Holly C.

“I hit a workout plateau and conquered it at SG Fitness.  I love the variety in the workouts and finding myself doing things I never thought I could do.  I look forward to my workouts and have seen my body change for the better.  I actually feel strong.”

– Lorelie P.

So I’ve had the pleasure of training with Tony for over couple years now.  I must say I am forever in debt to him for helping my family and I lead an overall healthier lifestyle.”

– Caesar T.

“The workouts at Small Group Fitness are open to all levels of fitness.  Tony works seamlessly with all different levels of ability and fitness.  I have been looking for a place like Small Group Fitness for a long time. Tony is a professional and takes the time to answer all your questions. Besides being the best deal around, most importantly, Small Group Fitness works.”

– Ann C.

“ It is a comfortable environment where all levels of fitness can participate in the same workout, at their own level. They offer a great workout in a super convenient location with the basic principle I hope to live by: use it or lose it.  Tony makes sure you use EVERYTHING which is key to retaining range of motion into a healthy old age.  I intend to keep using SG Fitness and these newly discovered muscle groups for a long time to come.”

– Shannon C.

“I am a professional firefighter who needed to get in better shape and live a healthier lifestyle. I use to workout at the gym down the street and felt like I never could push myself. So I came to Small Group Fitness months ago and I can’t imagine stepping foot into a Xsport or Bally’s gym ever again! I have lost over 40 lbs since I started and I’m off my cholesterol and blood pressure medication.”

– Mike L.

“The results speak for themselves.  While I’ve only dropped about 5 lbs on the scale, I’ve dropped an inch in my waist and seen increases in size in my chest, arms and shoulders.  My friends and family have all noticed the change in my appearance too.”

– Steve Z.

 ” I can feel myself getting stronger, more energized and feeling better.  Every workout is a different adventure, not your same boring routines.  I actually find myself feeling sore from the work out and at the same time really looking forward to my next session.”

- Jane S.

“You will get in shape, shed fat and drop inches from unwanted spaces, FAST. This is a real gem location and strong trainer in an unusual spot. A quiet suburb is not typically the place you find 20-some looking to perfect their washboard abs or athleticism which is the primary market for such establishment. Tony’s service is solid and a great offer for communities with a more refined fitness and performance driven taste. Will definitely recommend to my friends.”

- Orlando S.

“I had left sided poor hip flexion, with limited ROM from an old track injury.  I have always just worked around pain, limitations and push through. However, I had recently seen a physical therapist w/ little improvement for this. Tony noticed the decrease in ROM and tried MAT (muscle activation therapy)  techniques on it. For the first time since re-injuring hip about 3 months prior, I regained full ROM w/o pain immediately, and I was able to complete the exercises properly. Amazing!

- Michelle B.

“Four people max in each class – and let me tell  you, I was very thankful for this feature when January rolled around!  :)  Tony takes you through progressions and always knows where  you left off in a previous session – it’s like personal training, but at a much more affordable level.  In addition to the regular classes, I have had some Muscle Activation Techniques sessions at SGF.  Tony takes the same thorough approach to these sessions, where he has helped some of my inactive muscles to start responding and has greatly reduced some ongoing pain I’ve suffered through.  Being pain-free is a very odd feeling after you’ve been dealing with it for so long!  I’d definitely recommend at least trying out a class or two!  They’re fun and different and really make you want to work out!”

- C. B.

“Your body will hurt after every workout, but you won’t injure yourself at SGF.  Tony prides himself on preparing your body slowly and throughout many sessions so that you do not hurt yourself.  I think this is the key reason to join SGF.  Obviously the small class size, classes are no bigger than 4 people, and the personal training attention are good reasons to join, but I think Tony’s approach to preparing your body for strenuous physical activity is even more important.  I cannot stress how important is to have a professional to guide you through range of motion and proper technique with each exercise and this is what Tony brings to each session.”

- Melissa M.

“I had a great experience working out at Small Group Fitness. I emailed Tony about wanting to try the workout and he generously let me try a few sessions for free. I like that it’s a small group because I know that if I’m doing something wrong, my form will be corrected. I’ve done a lot of “bootcamp” type exercise classes where I know I haven’t always learned the correct form.”

- Jane U.

“I am someone who has worked out intensly for the last 2 years and was tired of my usual routines.  I decided to do a a living social deal with a few friends to try out something different in my exercise routine.  I did not realize how great exercise can truly be until I came to small group fitness.  I mean it takes a true talent to make you come back for more after working your butt off the previous day.”

- John P.

“This is a fantastic gym for those who want to learn body-efficiency. These are workouts that are focused on fuctionality. Tony is a very knowledgeable and nice guy. Every time we left SGF, my husband and I recapped how much fun we had while sweating our butts off. It’s always fun to try something new.  If you’re looking for a great workout and an awesome atmosphere, this is your place. Don’t pay for another gym membership, try out SGF!”

- Stephanie M.

“It is a comfortable environment where all levels of fitness can participate in the same workout, at their own level. They offer a great workout in a super convenient location with the basic principle I hope to live by: use it or lose it.  Tony makes sure you use EVERYTHING which is key to retaining range of motion into a healthy old age.  I intend to keep using SG Fitness and these newly discovered muscle groups for a long time to come.”

- Shannon C.

“I love Small Group Fitness. Not only did I get amazing results, but I also received an amazing education (I lost 5 lbs, decreased my body fat percentage, and saw a increase in muscle tone). Working out at SGF gave me the opportunity to supplement my personal training education and without it I would not be the trainer I am today. Tony always took time to explain everything (his training techniques, proper form and mechanics, and clean eating/nutrition). I have always struggled with the the nutrition part of fitness and because of what I learned at SGF it is no longer a struggle for me. I really don’t think that I would have the confidence in my skills and nutrition knowledge, had I not worked out at SGF and absorbed all I could from conversations we had!! Small Group Fitness is the best and I urge everyone to check it out!!”

Nicole K.

“I needed a push in the right direction to feel good again. Finding Small Group Fitness has been just what I needed they are wonderful. Its an amazing and exhilarating workout each time I go. I look forward to exercising more than ever before. Its never boring each time I go I learn something new. I’m feeling great and it can only get better. I say if you want results this is the place to go.”

- Brenda F.

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